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Being a vendor for the Sundridge Sunflower Festival gives you an opportunity to get your product in front of up to 7,000 people in one day. Please complete the following the application to be a vendor for the 2022 Sundridge Sunflower Festival (Saturday August 6th, 2022). Please complete the form even if you pre-paid for the 2020 or 2021 events but let us know that you have prepaid in your application.

Sign up to be a Vendor for the 2022 festival!

Early Bird Price (paid in full before June 1st 2022):  $40.00 for a 10 foot spot
Regular Price (paid in full after June 1st, 2022 but before July 20th, 2022):  $50.00 for a 10 foot spot
Last Minute (paid in full after July 20th, 2022):  $70.00 for a 10 foot spot

Sundridge Sunflower Festival Vendor Rules:   The Sundridge Sunflower Festival does not offer exclusivity for vendor products.   No refunds.    Rain or shine the vendors market will still happen on Main Street.

    Contact Information

    Festival Specific Information
    Have you been a vendor in the past? YesNo
    Are you a food vendor? YesNo
    (Food Vendors require a temporary food premises operating at a special event permit at your vendor location)
    Do you use a generator? YesNo
    Do you require electricity? YesNo
    (as the Sunflower Festival is a street festival, are limited to spots offering electricity)

    Do you acknowledge that the Sunflower Festival does NOT offer exclusivity on vendor products? YesNo

    How many 10'X 10' vendor spaces would you like?

    Business name: The name under which you operate the business. If there is no specific business name, please put your own name. This information might be listed on: or social media.

    Email Address: Your email address is our preferred method of contact for sending out subsequent festival applications/rules & restrictions/payment information/etc.

    Website: Please provide your website address (if you have one), so we can link to it from our website.

    Vendors supply their own tents, chairs, extension cords, etc


    Requirements for Temporary Food Premises Operating at Special Events.pdf

    Special_Event_Farmers Market_and_Market_Form.pdf

    If you have any questions, please email

    22 thoughts on “Become a Vendor

    1. Hi
      I also filled out a form but didn’t receive an email, just wondering if it went through
      Many thanks!

      1. Hi Jack: We are working our way through the applications and emails. I don’t have access to the email account so you are best to ask via email again. Sorry and thanks. VW

    2. I had prepaid for 2 spaces for the festival in 2020, and was told it would be carried over to 2021, and then again for this year. I will need to have them side by side, as I have a lot of product. I just completed the application again as requested.
      Would you please be able to send me a confirmation when you receive my information.
      Thank you

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