Dog Show

Sundridge Sunflower Festival | Mutt Show

Held in the Municipal Building Parking Lot beside the Sundridge Municipal Building @ 110 Main St. Sundridge.

Registration for the show will begin at 10:30am and will go until 11:15am.

The Kid’s Mutt Show will be starting at 1:00pm followed by the Adult Mutt Show @ 2:00pm.

The Best in Show Prize will be given out after the awards for The Adult Mutt Show.

All entry forms and handlers must be assigned a number in order to compete.  You will need to fill out an Entry Form to be entered into the competition.  Entry Forms are available at the store. You can fill out an Entry Form at the store or the Acme Pet Foods booth at the Sunflower Festival, or print your own by clicking on the link below.
Registration of your dog must be entered 15 minutes before the show.
Any registration after that time will not be accepted.

Entries are limited, 1 dog per family, and 1 category per dog

Go to to register or drop by Acme Pet Foods & Supplies (162 Main Street, Sundridge, Ontario)

Rules for the Sundridge Sunflower Festival Mutt Show 2017:

1. Dog owners must be responsible for their dogs at all times.
2. Dog owners must clean up any mess created by your dog.
3. Your dog must be healthy and happy in nature.
4. The organizers have the right to refuse any dog.
4. No Female Dogs in heat.
5. No puppies under 6 months
6. Dog owners/handlers must clean up after their dogs.
7. The safety and well-being of all animals at the show is the responsibility of the owner.
8. Winners are judged and picked accordingly. The judge’s decision is always final.
9. PLEASE KEEP DOGS ON LEADS AT ALL TIMES! Your dog will be disqualified if it is running free!
Note: The Organizers have the right to deny access to any human or dog to the Mutt Show