Dog Show

Sundridge Sunflower Festival | Mutt Show 2019

Saturday August 10, 2019

You will need to fill out an Application Form to be entered into the competition. Application Forms are available at the store, or you can download it from the link above, and print it out yourself. You can fill out an Application Form at the store, or the Acme Pet Foods booth at the Festival.

The 5th Annual Mutt Show will be held at The Municipal Building Parking Lot 110 Main St.
The Kid’s Mutt Show starts @ 1pm – ages 5 to 16
The Adult Mutt Show starts @ after The Kid’s Mutt Show – ages 17 and up
The Best in Show Prize will be given out after all awards have been presented.
All Dogs Must Have an Application Form Completed and submitted before the dog can compete.
The Dogs must be assigned a Number to compete.

Entries are limited, 1 dog per family, and 1 category per dog.

Rules for the Mutt Show 2019

  1. Dog owners must be responsible for their dogs at all times.
  2. Dog owners must clean up any mess created by their dog.
  3. Your dog must be healthy and happy in nature.
  4. The organizers have the right to refuse any dog.
  5. No Female Dogs in heat.
  6. No puppies under 6 months
  7. Dog owners/handlers must clean up after their dogs.
  8. The safety and well-being of all animals at the show is the responsibility of the owner.
  9. Winners are judged and picked accordingly. The judge’s decision is always final.
  10. PLEASE KEEP DOGS ON LEADS AT ALL TIMES! Your dog will be disqualified if it is running free!

Note: The Organizers have the right to deny access to any human or dog to the Mutt Show

Vendors will also be located in the Mutt Show area in the Sundridge Municipal Lot including local animal rescue who will be doing an adoption day!
Acme Pet Food & Supplies will have BALLOT DRAWS for GIVEAWAYS, which includes: 2 LARGE BAGS OF DOG FOOD. There will be a Flyer in THE ALMAGUIN NEWS on August 1st with coupons and a ballot for the draw.
Acme Pet Foods & Supplies would like to THANK all of our customers, from the ALMAGUIN HIGHLANDS to all our other world wide visitors online but we would do prefer that you drop by the store for a visit. We Love Our Almaguin Pets. So with this in mind please bring your pet into the store, for a treat, for a drink and for a browse. They might find a bone or a toy they want.

We have been supporting the community for 5 years and enjoy doing it. I have always said that if you give to the community the community will give to you. At this time we would like to ask the community to join us to support the “The Annual Mutt Show” We would like to show the community support from the community, we will bring more people to the Sundridge Sunflower Festival – more Vendors. Our thoughts are let’s make it one of the bigger DOG EVENTS in The Almaguin Highlands. We need to make it bigger and better each year. So on Saturday, August 10th bring your dog(s) down to the Sundridge – Strong Library – Municipal Building and enter the draws and enter the MUTT SHOW! This way you have a chance of bringing home a prize. Don’t Forget to stop by the ACME PET FOODS Booth to get a draw ballot, and get some free samples also!